The attorneys at Procter and Callahan, LLC, pay special attention to the needs of vulnerable people and those who care for them, striving to be compassionate throughout the planning process.

Whether you have a child with special needs or are caring for an adult with a disability, we can help you protect that person through special needs planning.  We understand that this can be an overwhelming process and want to help your family be proactive to make long term plans.  Ensuring that your relative will always have the care they need involves a number of issues and we want to help you consider your options so that you can be proactive.

Basic estate planning documents are critical to plan for financial support, name decision makers, name guardians, provide for education, or plan for housing needs.  If your child has special needs and is an adult, they will need to have a guardian appointed by the court to make decisions for them when they are not able.  This may be a parent, an individual nominated by the parent in an estate plan, or another individual named by the court.  We are happy to talk you through your options to help you come to a decision that fits your family circumstances.

Special needs trusts are a tool to provide for an individual with special needs while also protecting their eligibility for public benefits/Medicaid.  They are sometimes called supplemental needs trusts.  Not everyone needs to have a trust and not everyone needs a special needs trust.  We can discuss the benefits and options presented by the special needs trust option.  Call us to today to find out more about how you might be able to protect or care for a child or adult with special needs through estate planning.