Litigation is the process of taking legal action in a court.  Generally, litigation is an expensive option.  At Procter and Callahan, LLC we encourage alternative dispute resolution and try to assist our clients to meet a resolution that is in line with client goals prior to litigation.  However, resolution outside of the court litigation process is not always possible.

Probate litigation includes a number of types of actions; it can include but is not limited to the following: contested guardianships, contested conservatorships, trust contests, breach of fiduciary duty claims, and will contests including claims of undue influence, lack of capacity, or technical defects

When resolution outside of litigation is not possible, Procter and Callahan, LLC may be able to assist.  Procter and Callahan, LLC is sensitive to the anxiety associated with court involvement and the conflict that can occur between family members due to litigation.  If you believe you have a conflict that you think might need to be resolved in litigation, please contact us and we can have a discussion to determine if we are able to assist with your conflict.